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Gophers are active during the day and are fossorial, which means they live most of their lives underground. They eat, forage, sloop and have their babies underground. They do all of this alone, though. Gophers are not social creatures, at least with their own kind. Gophers are active all year long and do not hibernate.

Gophers are herbivores, which means they eat vegetation. They are mostly interested in the roots and tubers of the plant.


Woodpeckers are protected both federally and by state laws, prohibiting any harm or capturing of them. They drill holes for many reasons, but the most common are for creating a nesting area, to attract a mate, and to look for insect and bug larva.

Woodpeckers can cause extensive damage to structures. If you hear the drumming of a woodpecker or see holes on the side of your home or office, it is time to take action before the problem gets worse.

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Scorpions can fit through the smallest of cracks, crevices, and holes. If you can slide the corner of a credit card into the hole, the scorpion can get in. We are the experts at exclusions. Call us today for a free estimate for a scorpion/general pest exclusion.


Snake fencing is the most simple and direct way to keep snakes out, by creating a barrier that rattlesnakes cannot cross. Call us for more information on our snake exclusions.

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Kim N.
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Best service ever!!! Had bee colony inside my walls due to an opening made by woodpecker. Rich came to inspect my house the same day that I called him, a referral from my Orkin man in Scottsdale named Carlos. He found the problem area right away, and came the next morning with his manager Nikko and they got the job done faster than I thought. They showed me the honeycombs that they removed and Rich was very knowledgeable and answered my questions thoroughly. Highly recommended this company for problems with bees, rats, pigeons, etc.
Linda S.
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Everyone from the owner who took my first call about having a roof rat problem to Brandi, the administrative assistant, to all the technicians was friendly, patient and informative. Brandi was helpful by calling to let us know when the technicians would be arriving. She also was patient in explaining their procedures and answering any questions we had. The technicians were timely and were very polite. They always took their time to explain what they were doing and why. It was a pleasure working with this company. We are now confidently roof rat (and rabbit) free under our home. We highly recommend this company!
Robin G.
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They did a great job for me. I had nasty pigeons making home in my roof. They knew exactly where to screen and I no longer have the problem. They arrived on time and walked through to show me their work afterwards. I recommend and will use them myself in the future,

Additional Services

Pigeon Control Spikes

Pigeon Control

The best pigeon control approaches emphasize a combination of deterrents, exclusion or modifications to buildings to get rid of pigeons. Every building is unique and the method we use depends on the architecture of the building. Call us today for your free estimate (602) 454-2700.

Mouse Chewing on Electrical Cord

Rodent Control

Our team of rodent experts are the best in the valley. We are the company used by other pest control professionals to eliminate rodents and keep them from getting back in. We are the exclusion specialists. Call us today at (602) 454-2700 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Large Hive Bee Removal

Bee Removal

Since 2005, Executive High Reach Maintenance has been providing bee control for residential and commercial properties valley wide. Our technicians are highly trained to safely and effectively remove bee colonies no matter where they are located. Call us today at (602) 454-2700 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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